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  • Added : Jul 17th, 2021
  • Monitor :94 Days
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Our Plan is Manual

94 days 100%
$11.00 113% in profit Aug 20th, 2021
11$ / Unlimited Instant

BLACKCRYPTOMINING Company is officially registered in the UK with the number 12021221 in the state register of companieshouse. Our company has long been focused on cryptocurrency mining, but right now in 2020 year we reached a new level and to expand the business, the company's board of directors decided to attract private investment. Thus, we intend to ensure the stable growth of our company and its further development and absorption of smaller mining pools. In fact, attracting private investment by BLACKCRYPTOMINING has practical goals. A significant part of our investors uses cryptocurrency and allowing them to earn dividends, we give an impetus to an additional increase in demand for cryptocurrency and, accordingly, its rate due to an increase in their assets, which in turn increases the income of mining companies. BLACKCRYPTOMINING is one such company and the growth of cryptocurrency rates is beneficial to us.

Payout Ratio

Payout Ratio: 113% in profit
Profit: $12.42 in 4 payouts
Investment: $11.00 in 1 spends

Stats Table

Type Date Amount Comment
Profit Aug 20th, 2021 $10.00
Profit Aug 8th, 2021 $1.21
Profit Jul 28th, 2021 $0.99
Profit Jul 19th, 2021 $0.22
Spend Jul 17th, 2021 $11.00
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