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  • Added : Nov 15th, 2022
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Who are we? Today, in a crisis, as never before, we observe the importance of preserving and increasing our capital. During the time of globalization, transcontinental business and epidemics, blockchain technology is that it literally affects with its activity, the Bitcoin course is at the mark $40 000. We are in Venus Cryptocurrency They always believed in the power of a modern blockchain, so for the past 7 years our team has been investing and studying this sphere. Passion, knowledge and money. During this time, in the role of investors, we managed to earn more $10 000 000, But in 2022 For a year, we felt that the conditions for attracting additional capital came. Simultaneously with our own investments in trading in crypto-foreign and mining, we have created a whole ecosystem capable of accumulating funds, small amounts of individuals (investors) into entire pools for profitable speculative transactions for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, as well as renting equipment mining. This ecosystem successfully operates with 2021 years and fully justified itself, because in our portfolio there are already thousands of successful transactions. Each potential investor is obliged to ask: what is the guarantee or what is the chance that your speculative transactions will incur loss? - Completely honestly, and with confidence we answer, of course there is a chance to make a number of unsuccessful transactions that will lead to losses, but according to our experience and statistics, the option of getting losses is so unlikely, like the fact that a person may die from the bed in a dream. We thought for a long time about how to develop this successful experience of crypto currency transactions, as a result we decided to create a public platform, which unites the private capital of small investors and our investment opportunities.

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