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  • Added : Nov 16th, 2020
  • Monitor :11 Days
Program Status on :
H AddMonitors.Com

5% Daily for 365 days.
5.5% Daily for 365 days.
6% Daily for 365 days.
7% Daily for 365 days.

11 days 100%
$10.00 20% Nov 24th, 2020
10$ / $? Instant

Make your money work for you 24 hours a day! AS Brokerage Ltd was created on October 9, 2020, as a unique multi-exchange cryptocurrency broker. The company is officially registered in the UK and it is protected by English law. The main activity of the company is cross-exchange arbitrage transactions, speculations on cryptocurrency exchanges Our aim is to provide our clients with the most profitable investment offer. We try to increase the turnover of our company and the capital of our investors. We are expanding investment boundaries and providing access to the world of high technology.


Not Paying
  • Added : Nov 15th, 2020
  • Monitor :40 Days
Program Status on :
H AddMonitors.Com

Our Plan Manual

40 days 100%
0.5% - 10%
$100.00 2% Dec 18th, 2020
10$ / $? Instant

SuperBIT is an international company officially registered as "SuperBIT" the company registration number 11501478 in the UK companies. SuperBIT Ltd is a highly expertise company which dealst funds in Bitcoin Mining and Crypto Currency Trading. Also you will able to earn 0.5%~10% commission if you referral others,it's good chance to build your team and create your passive income hourly.Cryptocurrency it's generate higher profit than forex,we make tripple or more profit than forex,all you need to do is make investment and earn hourly also withdraw instantly,it's win-win soultion for both of SuperBIT and our investor.
Not Paying
  • Added : Nov 10th, 2020
  • Monitor :15 Days
Program Status on :
H AddMonitors.Com

3.5-10.0% daily 45 days

15 days 100%
$50.00 24% Nov 22nd, 2020
5$ / 250000$ Instant

Our goal is to provide qualified specialists to perform the assigned tasks. Before the start of cooperation, we carefully check every potential employee, find out his work experience, achievements and successes, motivation, and only after that he is allowed to perform the assigned tasks. Unlike labor exchanges, we care where the specialist who works with us will work so there are also serious requirements for companies. As a result, both parties are satisfied and we get our percentage of the work performed. Orientation in both directions gives us the opportunity to have an ideal reputation both for companies-employers and for hired specialists. Our company regularly conducts advanced training seminars and various trainings in order to always be able to provide the best specialists for the tasks and be sure that they will cope with it.

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