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  • Added : Dec 29th, 2021
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4.625% hourly for 24 hours (deposit included)

226 days 260%
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$5 / Unlimited Instant

The arena of private investing has always been the exclusive domain of the extremely rich. A few years ago, we started a private investment pool that was available to a select few for investment opportunities that start at $1,000,000. More recently we opened the door to a wider group of people through the Internet and it worked! Our pool is the first step to open the 'gate' to financial success for all people regardless of their social status or income. EnigmaBit engages in highly profitable trading activities and “arbitrage exchange” – converting currencies in selected countries around the world where there is a difference between the market rate and the official rate of exchange. It is still about 70% off-line and employs about 200 people around the world. We have never invested into businesses connected with illegal activities, and do not cooperate with financial companies that are somehow connected with that kind of income. Investing in EnigmaBit provides you with an opportunity to control your financial destiny, to spend your time as you wish, with people you love, perhaps even without the need for a job!

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