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  • Added : Sep 4th, 2022
  • Monitor :386 Days
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1% daily (0.1664% every 4 Hours) Capital withdraw any time after 24 Hours after 24 hours with 10% Fees | 3% daily (0.5% every 4 Hours) for 60 Days (Capital include)

386 days 600%
5% - 3%
$30 / Unlimited Instant

Arbitragex is a platform that takes advantage of the price fluctuations of crypto assets in the market, which we also call crypto arbitrage, and shares this advantage with its customers. Crypto Arbitrage gives us 1% to 3% of the daily profit with respective Classic License and Pro License. ARBITRAGEX is the sustainable plan to run in the market because the price of the coin is upper-lower and our global expert team knows how to take advantage of the same. In many ways other than Arbitragex, by following a good strategy, the profit keeps pooling in!

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