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  • Added : Dec 27th, 2020
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About our activity CryptoBit is the center of convergence between the cryptocurrency and fiat world. The development of cryptocurrency gives impetus to the emergence of all new types of cryptocurrency services.This is how our company was formed, combining the most important needs of the crypto community at the moment. The main areas of our work are providing p2p lending to blockchain startups and ICOs, buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies. Lending to blockchain startups and ICOs brings huge profits, but you need to carefully choose projects, since its success depends on the quality of the project. Initial investments in such projects increase several times due to the growth of their cryptocurrencies when entering the exchanges. We issue a loan in cryptocurrency and receive part of their tokens as a return of debt, when entering the exchange, tokens are immediately sold at a price several times higher than the cost. The second big source of our income is buying and selling cryptocurrency in large volumes, we constantly need cryptocurrency to fund our p2p branch. Therefore, we buy it in large volumes and offer the most favorable rates for buying and selling cryptocurrency.Due to the great demand for our services, we enter the market for cooperation with private investors, in order to get the opportunity to increase our business. Cooperating with us, everyone will get the opportunity to get a good return on their investments. Also, do not miss the opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrency at the best rate. What makes payments to private investors?P2p lending to cryptocurrency startups at the initial stage of their development brings large profits after the release of the tokens of these projects, but not every startup has a chance of success. Our company knows how to choose promising startups and differentiates "shares" the risks between them, reducing the final risk to a minimum. How to become an investor in CryptoBit? Is there a limit on the amount of deposits? How long does it take to receive a payment after a request? How is the bonus of 10% of the deposit amount accrued?Every day, a promotional code is issued on the company's social networks to receive a bonus of 10% of the deposit, the bonus is credited in Dogecoin cryptocurrency, for example, you invested $ 100, when you activate the promo code, you will receive 10 Dogecoins to your account, you can immediately withdraw them. The promo code is valid for one day, the next day you can also activate a new promo code for the same deposit and get the next 10% in Dogecoin. Is this a legal activity from the point of view of the law? How does CryptoBit itself make a profit?Our profit, like the profit of our investors, consists in the return of loans issued for the creation of cryptocurrencies. Credits are returned in the form of new tokens, these tokens are immediately or after a certain time sold on exchanges, so we get the lion's share of our profits. Another source of profit is buying and selling cryptocurrency from individuals. How long does the deposit work?At the Start, Experienced and Professional tariffs, deposits work until the moment of "demand", you decide when to stop its work, you can withdraw a deposit after a day of its work, the withdrawal fee is 10%.. For what purpose are attracted deposits used?Deposits of our investors act as an auxiliary source of the formation of the loan portfolio of our company. With their help, more loans are issued and, therefore, a larger amount of profit is received by the company and its investors.. I forgot my password, what should I do?

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