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  • Added : Sep 6th, 2023
  • Monitor :225 Days
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The idea of creating a company appeared in 2020, when a friend of the company's founder Arnold Mitchell asked him to help restore access to a bitcoin wallet. At first, Arnold refused, considering this idea a failure, because it would take a very long time to find a secret key that would allow restoring access. Nevertheless, he was interested in the task, as it hurt his professional pride. He has long held a leading position in the encryption and cryptography department of Coinbase. As a result, after several months of trials and attempts, he wrote his own software using a completely new principle of matching combinations. In this case, an algorithm was used that made it possible to compare the options during selection, discarding the obviously false ones. This reduced the time and allowed to process a much larger number of combinations per unit of time. After access to his friend's wallet was restored, Arnold thought he could scale the idea. With its own servers and software written by Arnold, it was possible to access a lot of forgotten wallets. Arnold quickly found the first investors, as well as invested part of his own funds in order to purchase equipment and open the first office of the company. Thus, in 2021, the company Leftcoins was founded. By the end of 2021, the company became profitable, and two more data centers were opened in 2022.

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